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Proteus Digital Health

Proteus Loose Wearable


The Proteus LW program is a loose wearable device designed specifically for the needs of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer patients. The device is worn 24/7 and tracks the usual health data, as well as pill ingestion, inclination (has the patient fallen in the bathtub?), and location (both inside and out of the home). This created a tough challenge for the design team as the form had to be comfortable, the battery had to power for 7 days, and the cellular and GPS antennas had to be as far off of the body as possible to provide good connectivity!

Rather than being a sticky patch glued to the body, our solution is a flexible pod design worn within an armband on the patients left upper arm. A nesting charger base accompanies the device and includes fast induction charging in order to minimize the time spent off of the arm to only a few hours.

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