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Biodesy Delta System


Biodesy, Inc. is a life sciences company developing the first technology for detecting conformational change in proteins and other biological molecules in real time. Biodesy partnered with Anvil Studios to create the industrial design for the outer housing covers of their first product, the Delta System.

Anvil Studios started the project by studying key areas of user interactions (UX). We then applied human factors guidelines to ensure that the critical areas were accessible and optimally located. The selected design applies a dynamic, asymmetric zigzag element that breaks up the large visual mass while drawing attention to the main interaction zone, known as the Chip Deck. This design gesture inserts a striking pop of color and provides a natural presentation for the branding. The smaller, secondary details, such as door handles and parting lines, are integrated into the “zigzag” to streamline the design. Dissolving dots stretch across both side panels to provide functional venting in a stylish, modern pattern.

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Awards 2018
International Design Award (IDA)
Spark Product Award - Finalist