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Purigen Biosystems “SuperCyan”


Purigen Biosystems, Inc. is a life science company developing a new platform that greatly reduces the time, number of steps, and equipment necessary for preparing DNA/RNA extraction samples. Purigen partnered with Anvil Studios to help define their first productized solution. We began by identifying an optimized user experience workflow and overall product architecture. These were crucial to establishing a solid base for our industrial design and color/material/finish explorations.

The chosen design direction consists of outer housing shells that “protect” the inner core elements. We applied exaggerated geometric part gaps to create a dynamic gesture that emphasizes the function of individual components, while tying the overall form together.

The selected design embodies simplicity and draws focus to the main interaction area; the chip deck. The touchscreen display is ideally located above the chip deck, in a static and optimized viewing angle. The overall visual mass is broken into 3 key elements via the over-emphasized parting lines. The top housing holds Stages 1 and 2, which slides back-and-forth, providing a dynamic visual cue of the extraction process. This moving manifold is associated with the “core” element, while the outer “shell” elements remain stationary. Lastly, the bold color accent is used to distinguish the Purigen system from others in the lab environment. For this, the product was nicknamed SyperCyan..

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