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SwitchLok Smartphone Case + Accessory Mounts


SwitchLok is an innovative product suite featuring a protective smartphone case with a collection of accessory mounts for use in running, biking, driving, and more. Anvil Studios partnered with SwitchLok to develop the look and feel of the product line, as well as design an iconic alignment feature.

The system’s magic is created by embedding magnets in the smartphone case as well as all of the accessory mounts. The embedded magnets and a physical nesting feature work together to automatically align and securely attach the phone to each mount. The nesting feature is designed to allow for 90° rotational mounting for proper landscape/portrait orientation. These male/female alignment features adds a second level of security by preventing the case from sliding off while in use. While the system is incredibly secure, removal is easy, simply twist your phone free. Magnets are awesome!

The simple, yet elegant form language draws inspiration from the outdoors; balancing smooth, comfortable forms (particularly important on the arm band accessory) with rugged detailing. And the alignment feature is designed for function, while showcasing the branding element in a dynamic, eye-catching gesture that strengthens the overall language.

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