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Proteus Digital Health

Proteus Reusable Wearable Patches


The Proteus Reusable Wearable Patches are two-piece wearable sensors that consist of a reusable electronics pod and an adhesive patch that contains the electrodes and disposable battery.

Our design objective focused on comfort and invisibility, both of which dictate smooth, low-profile designs. Through our extensive prototyping, however, we discovered that these criteria created challenges for users with low dexterity. The product design had to balance the sleek and smooth forms with the ability to attach and detach the pod while worn on a part of the body not always visible to that user. 

Our design solutions are soft, riverstone forms with localized crisp edges. The sculpted surfaces tactilely indicate where and how to grab the device, while either worn on the body or laying flat on a table.

With diverse experience in industries ranging from consumer electronics, high-end audio, medical and life sciences, housewares and cycling, Anvil Studios is a product design company committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to the table. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your next product design.

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