Arna Ionescu Stoll

Kestrel 4000 LTD/Pro

Arna Ionescu Stoll
Kestrel 4000 LTD/Pro

Kestrel 4000LTD/Pro


The first bike Anvil designed for Kestrel was for the premium triathlon competition market. The design needed to look bold and different while still adhering to the confines of UCI regulations. We chose a design that used knife-like edges, accentuated joints and notched-out detailing to create a profile that is bold, and instantly recognizable. The final streamlined design captures the striking visual of air flowing fast and smoothly over complex surfaces. When the Kestrel 4000LTD debuted, wind tunnel tests proved it was the most aerodynamic frame set on the market.

2011 Awards
iF Design Award
RedDot Design Award
International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) - SILVER
International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) - Finalist

2010 Awards
GOOD Design Award