Arna Ionescu Stoll


Arna Ionescu Stoll

Iota Wearable Modems


Iota’s futuristic vision of connected, fashionable accessories anticipated the current trend of wearable electronics. The company’s vision was to pair wearable electronics to laptops and tablets via cellular, Bluetooth and NFC, enabling non-connected devices to place phone calls, make payments, and get online. Anvil designed three products for Iota: the Flex Loop, the Flex Clip and the Tapp Pebble. All three designs use unique and interactive forms that encouraged play.

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2011 Awards
RedDot Design Award
GOOD Design Award

Iota Family Flex Loop Product Design | Anvil Studios
Holding Iota Family Flex Clip Product Design | Anvil Studios
Iota Family Tapp Pebble Product Design | Anvil Studios
Iota Family Flex Clip Product Design | Anvil Studios