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PL8 Herb Keepers


PL8 is a line of sophisticated, high-quality kitchen tools developed by Progressive International. Intended for the home cooking enthusiast, the new products celebrate the balance of nostalgic cooking traditions paired with fresh, modern aesthetics. Anvil Studios collaborated with Progressive International to help define the new design language, details, patterns, and cues.

Two of Anvil’s designs to come to market under the PL8 brand are a pair of Herb Keepers. These air tight containers were created specifically to hold, hydrate, and preserve herbs and stalk vegetables in the refrigerator. Key objectives that drove the design were functionality and innovative details. The final design consists of an iconic, sculpted form that provides a comfortable grip, a slim profile that fits in refrigerator doors, and an easy-to-remove base for cleaning and changing the water. Other details include a unique drainage pattern inspired by asparagus spears and small grooves integrated into the lids to aid in stripping herbs from their stems. The aesthetics are further refined through pairing the elegant, curvaceous form with PL8’s monochromatic Color/Material/Finish (CMF) selection, resulting in an overall sophisticated and beautiful product family.

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