Arna Ionescu Stoll

Instrumented Mouthguards

Arna Ionescu Stoll
Instrumented Mouthguards

X2Impact Instrumented Mouthguards


This impact monitoring system is based on embedded high performance acceleration and rotation sensors integrated into custom fitted and boil-and-bite mouth guards. The system is intended for use in sport-specific helmeted sports, such as football, lacrosse, and boxing. The goal was to create a mouth guard that monitors and reports an athlete’s head injury for immediate evaluation by coaches and doctors on the sidelines.

The mouth guard design had to be super compact, durable, and waterproof; while also incorporating sensors, accelerometers, radio antennas, LEDs, a data connection point, contact sensors, and a battery. Testing started in the lab with custom impact test jigs before functional prototypes could be tested on the playing field. After the initial concept ideation phase, Anvil Studios literally created hundreds form studies based off of the teams detail impressions. Flexible 3D prints don’t taste very good!  Prototypes were created to evaluate comfort, fit, component placement, and aesthetics.

The selected form is designed to solve for strength and comfort equally. The final design is an intricate and proprietary multi-shot molded part encompassing the flex circuit containing all of the necessary components.

Awards 2012
GOOD Design Award

Awards 2011
NW Design Invitational - GOLD